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Meet An Alert Dog Who is Helping A Type 1 Diabetic

Fox Carolina initially covered the story about a woman named Callie Baldwin whose dog, Dabo, a one-year old chocolate Labrador retriever, is currently being trained as a diabetic alert dog. Dabo will alert Callie if her blood sugar is too low or too high. He is able to detect this through his sense of smell as “diabetics suffering from hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia emit an odor that is detectable to dogs.”

“Thank you to Fox Carolina for permission to link to the coverage about Dabo and Callie. It is very fulfilling for me to be able to learn and share new information to help individuals with diabetes live life to the fullest,” Joy Mernone, CEO & President of Gluco Perfect®, LLC.

Dabo the Dog (photo: credit Fox Carolina (Meredith Corporation)

Dabo the Dog photo: credit Fox Carolina (Meredith Corporation)

Click here to link to video from Fox Carolina (Meredith Corporation)

Click here to link to article from Fox Carolina (Meredith Corporation) written by Amanda Shaw.