About Us

Joy MernoneHello. My name is Joy Mernone and I am the President and CEO of Gluco Perfect, LLC. Our company was formed over a decade ago in Richmond Hill, New York under the pioneering leadership of our visionary and founder, Kevin Mernone.

Diabetes is a global disease. Individuals, at any age, both domestically and internationally can use our products. We want to help diabetics manage their disease easily and more efficiently regardless of where they reside.

We care about people, especially those who live with diabetes. We understand that it may be challenging at times to monitor the glucose levels of your patients. Our solutions allow diabetics and their caregivers to immediately know if their blood sugar is running low to avoid hypoglycemia and to avoid hyperglycemia if it is running too high. Our products provide accurate numbers. Having this important data will allow you to provide your patients with the best nutritional, exercise and medication decisions to live an even healthier life with diabetes.

We are constantly striving to find innovative solutions demonstrating increased value while decreasing your costs. Your investment in Gluco Perfect products will provide you with the data that is critical to help your patients. Thank you for your interest in the products we have created to help the diabetic community live life to the fullest.

The Gluco Perfect Team welcomes the opportunity to answer your questions and discuss how we can help you and your patients. We are here for you ever step of the way, helping you help others. Please feel free to call me at 888.805.7800.

Thank you,
Joy Mernone, CEO & President
Gluco Perfect®, LLC.